Summer Spotlight on Staff – Dr. Maliski

Today’s Summer Spotlight on Staff features Dr. Susanne Maliski. History Teacher for grades 6-8, technology coordinator, and computer teacher for 1st through 5th grades are just a few of the hats that Dr. Maliski wears around our campus. During the summer, she loves the opportunity to travel and visit family. This summer, she plans to spend time camping and will visit Disney World. She’s excited to visit two states that she has not previously been to,  Rhode Island and Connecticut. This will be state numbers 32 and 33 towards her goal of visiting all 50 states.

Dr. Maliski is looking forward to and is busily preparing for the coming school year! She is again organizing our annual Disney Youth Education Series trip for middle school students. Dr. Maliski loves taking students on field trips and seeing them learn in new and different ways. As our technology coordinator, she is setting up new iPads purchased for 6th and 7th graders and setting up Google Classroom for our school. Additionally, she is working with the church to help plan service projects and our next Gifts of Hope project.

“My favorite part of Ascension is the community. I love seeing students and families grow over time,” commented Dr. Maliski adding that “One of my favorite things is attending graduation and celebrating each of our students.” She says that she is also thankful to work with some of the best educators around! She is also grateful to work in a school where she gets to worship and share her faith with her students.