Vamonos… Learn The Spanish Language To Appreciate Other Cultures

“I feel blessed to teach Spanish and be a part of this caring community, where students are challenged and supported to grow in their faith and love of learning,” remarks Spanish Teacher Anna Berg. Señorita Berg’s goal is to create a fun, inviting atmosphere in all of her classes so that the students feel comfortable talking in Spanish. This is done through lively music, fun activities, games, and creative lessons.

The Spanish curriculum is committed to preparing students to be able to communicate using the Spanish language, and to continue their Spanish language experience successfully in high school. Additionally, through the study of the Spanish language and culture, students will increase their global awareness and develop an appreciation for the cultures and contributions of others.

Grades K-2

Students in grades K–2 learn basic vocabulary and expressions through songs, books, games, and oral activities. Students have the opportunity to hear and speak Spanish as they learn through units including greetings, calendar, family, classroom, colors, foods, animals, and more.

Grades 3 and 4

In the 3rd and 4th grades students are able to: greet and respond to greetings, introduce and respond to introductions, express likes/dislikes, make requests, provide information, obtain information and express needs at a basic level in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

5th Grade – Introduction to Spanish

This is an introductory Spanish course of vocabulary and basic grammar, taught through the context of travelling to Spain. The curriculum will follow the California World Language State Standards, providing students with the ability to greet and respond to greetings, express likes/dislikes, make requests, provide information, and obtain information at a basic level in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The geography and culture of Spain are integrated into the curriculum to further enhance their language experience.

Spanish 1 –  high school course for grades 6th, 7th and 8th:
This high school level 1 course is divided into three years, with the goal of incorporating the National Standards of Foreign Language Learning (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Conversation begins on the first day, and vocabulary and grammar constructions are incorporated in the innovative units designed to integrate curriculum. The material is organized and presented using current techniques in language acquisition.

6th Grade – Spanish 1A
Students begin the adventure of speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. This is a year course covering the beginning units of the high school curriculum, incorporating vocabulary and grammar relating to the students’ lives. Students will develop an appreciation for the contributions, cultures, and customs of the Spanish-speaking world.

7th Grade – Spanish 1B
Students will continue their study of the Spanish language with this year course learning more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary clusters that have relevance in their lives. There is a continued emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Research skills will be reinforced through an in-depth exploration of all of Spanish-speaking countries.

8th grade – Spanish 1 (high school course)
Students continue to build on the Spanish 1 (A/B) curriculum, along with previous Spanish knowledge and experiences. Mastery of grammatical concepts and vocabulary through reading, writing, speaking, and listening is developed with the use of the Expresate (Holt) online curriculum. The online curriculum provides a unique opportunity for students to listen to native Spanish speakers with diverse dialects, reinforcing vocabulary, grammar, and culture using authentic language and materials. After completing this year course students will be able to transition successfully into a Spanish 2 high school course.

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