Service Learning November and December Theme: Gifts of Hope

Instead of focusing on the gifts we want to receive for Christmas, what if we focused on how we can give good gifts to others? Giving gifts that bring hope to those in need locally, nationally and globally will be the emphasis of our school’s service projects in November and December.
Service Projects In School:  
  • October 31: Turn Candy into Coins at Trunk or Treat – This Trunk-or-Treat, Pastor Chamie and Youth Director, Addie Behm, will be handing out canisters of mini M7M’s and inviting students to eat the candy, fill the canister with quarters, return the canister to their teacher or put it in the offering plate at chapel in November or December. All coins collected will go to support “God’s Global Barnyard,” one of the “Gifts of Hope” projects for this holiday season.  The money made helps families in need purchase animals and agriculture supplies so that they have continual food resources.  If all 200 candy canisters are filled with $10 of quarters, we will raise $2000!
  • December 20: Cozy Christmas (8:45-9:25 AM) – All students (age 4 years-8th grade) are invited to wear Christmas jammies to school today and join us for a very Cozy Christmas! We will be making fleece blankets to donate to Project Linus. The blankets are given to provide love, a sense of security, warmth, and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.
  • December 21:  Gifts of Hope Christmas Marketplace (9:20-10:45 AM) – Our 3rd-8th grade students are invited to make crafts or baked goods to be donated to our 3rd Annual Gifts of Hope Christmas Marketplace. Each grade will visit the sale at a designated time with their class. Parents are invited to come at any time. Please consider sending your child to school with a few dollars so that they can participate. All proceeds from this sale will be donated to support Ascension’s Gifts of Hope project raising funds for a medical clinic in South Sudan.
Family Service Opportunities:
  • November is a time for being grateful. We encourage families to consider how they can give meaningful gifts this season. Families will receive information on how they can support these Gifts of Hope initiatives locally, nationally, and internationally:
    • Give Locally: Ascension has adopted 5 local families who otherwise would not receive Christmas gifts this year. We have an opportunity to make their Christmas wishes come true! A school-wide Sign-up Genius will be sent so families can select items they would like to buy for our families.
    • Give Nationally: Donate money to buy fleece to make blankets for Project Linus (to be assembled at Cozy Christmas on December 20)
    • Give Internationally: Donate to God’s Global Barnyard by returning your M&M containers (given out by Rev. D at Trunk-or-Treat) filled with quarters. An animal can make a difference to a family in need by providing food to eat, fertilizer to grow crops, and offspring to sell on the market. Offerings collected during the months of November and December will be donated to the medical clinic in South Sudan.
    • Give Meaningful Gifts to Friends and Family: Each year, Ascension’s Gifts of Hope fair offers a fun opportunity to shop for unique gifts to enjoy and share with family and friends. Gift fair merchandise comes to us from organizations focused on providing opportunities to uplift the lives of the artisans and farmers who make these wonderful items. The gift fair features edible and artisan products from around the world. From spice mixes, coffee, tea, chocolates and other edible delights to jewelry, baskets, cards, textiles, a wide array of Christmas ornaments and nativities, and a host of other beautiful treasures, This year’s Gifts of Hope Gift Fair has products celebrating cultures, artisans, and creative skills from nearly every continent on the globe.
November 11-12, 2017
November 18-19, 2017
Saturdays 6-7:30 PM and Sundays 9 AM – 12 PM
Ascension Lutheran Church and School, Founder’s Hall