Return of the Butterflies!

In Spanish class, Ascension 2nd and 3rd-grade students participated in a symbolic butterfly migration along with over 60,000 students in the United States and Canada. Our students created beautiful individual and class butterflies that were sent to Mexico for the winter.

The butterflies’ fall flight was timed to correspond with the real monarchs’ journey south. The paper butterflies arrived in Mexico in early November, to coincide with the arrival of the real monarchs.  Mexican students from the sanctuary region greeted the butterflies and watched over them during the winter months. At the same time in the mountains nearby, the entire eastern population of North American monarch butterflies was resting in Mexico for the winter.

In the spring, our students were delighted to receive new butterflies symbolizing their migratory return from the south. The butterflies even came back with special notes chronicling their journey from their destination in North America, to Mexico, and back. The symbolic butterfly migration project was a great exercise providing knowledge about animal adaptations, building bridges of communication between students in Mexico and North America, and learning authentic lessons of conversation, cooperation, and ambassadorship.