Reflections from the Graduating Class of 2016

Ascension Lutheran’s eighth graders graduated on June 8th with a heartwarming ceremony. Students put closure on their time at the school by sharing speeches and sending prayers, and individuals received awards in science, music, and athletics, to name a few. Although the alumni are changing schools, their time at Ascension was precious.

For one thing, students nurtured a “deep, heartfelt faith in God” and gained endless joy for Jesus. One student summed this up by proclaiming, “Jesus is my story, and…my faith will never fail.” The students’ bond with the Lord will carry on with them throughout their lives.
They also felt prepared for high school, noting that Ascension’s vigorous classwork made them stronger students. One graduate observed that “teachers taught me a lot of things not only for my education but lessons that I will need for the rest of my life,” such as hard work. The dedication that flows throughout Ascension’s classrooms allowed students to get the most from their education.

Perhaps the most important takeaway was that Ascension was home to these eighth graders, who explained, “it was amazing to see all [their] friends grow up.” The class became a single unit, sharing countless memories and laughter. The goodbye was not easy, but each student knew they could walk into the bigger world with enduring faith, education, and friendships.