Mission Possible

Ascension’s Mission Possible campaign invites us to imagine how we can best provide for ministry and service in our community now and in the years to come. Pastor Tim, senior pastor, said it best “our campaign challenges us to be a part of something extraordinary and provides an opportunity for genuinely generous giving for something greater than any one of us.”

The Mission Possible Capital Campaign is a process that involves the entire Ascension congregation and schools in a focused time of inspiration and reflection as we continue to build the future of Ascension and carry forward the vital ministry of our church and school. Through the campaign, Ascension is seeking to increase and refresh our church and school facilities and position ourselves for the next chapter in the life of our church and its ministries. Ascension Lutheran Church is dedicated to following through with a Master Plan for this campus.  A carefully thought out plan that will be executed in phases. The first phase, which will be implemented as a result of the Mission Possible campaign, will include renovations of the church, building a permanent Early Childhood Center, a new garden area, and grading the property for both current and future building phases. Later phases include plans such as a science center and gym.

All our school families are invited to be a part of the campaign.  Information will be disseminated in a variety of ways in the coming months.

  • All school families are invited to a celebration luncheon at CLU on December 10, this event brings us all together for a spirit-filled time of food and fellowship. RSVP to Luncheon
  • Before the Christmas program,  a short video will be shared that speaks directly to Phase One of the project.
  • Brochures will be mailed home for your review as well as Mission Possible gatherings.  The gatherings will give participants an opportunity to hear firsthand about the plans and purposes of the capital campaign.
Learn More About Mission Possible 

Mission Possible Website on ALCTO.org

Mission Possible Celebration Luncheon

December 10, 12:30 @ California Lutheran University