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A Time to Flourish

At Ascension, we believe that Upper Elementary should be a time for children to flourish, not a time to fear. Upper Elementary students at Ascension become bold, compassionate leaders who inspire and serve others as they grow and prepare for their transition into Junior High.

Our Upper Elementary program begins in the 4th grade and continues through 6th grade. Smaller class size enables us to work with each student to develop their strengths and create a challenging, hands-on academic environment. Our middle school students experience a strong foundation in core subjects as well as in public speaking, Spanish, music, and drama. They also participate in uniquely customized experiential activities involving leadership development, field science programs, and community engagement.




Students in grades 4-6 experience a challenging academic environment as we prepare them for the rigors of High School. Students switch classrooms throughout the day and learn from dedicated and engaging faculty who specialize in core subject areas.

At the Upper Elementary level, we specifically prepare students academically, spiritually and technologically to become productive, ethical and responsible citizens of the 21st century. Our students aspire to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and active participation in school activities.

  • Our middle school students enjoy a hands-on academic experience in every subject area. Students learn about challenging concepts in science, math, and history through carefully thought out activities and technology integration that bring the curriculum topics into practical application. This supports a dynamic classroom environment rich in active participation and lively discussions.
  • The foundation for servant leadership which is laid in the younger grades is further developed in the middle school years through a character development curriculum called Habitudes.
  • Experiential learning opportunities involve both on-campus and off-campus experiences. Our smaller class sizes allow for truly immersive field trip experiences where students not only gain exposure to new and exciting environments but also are able to delve into activities that require thought and action.
  • Elective courses are offered each trimester to give Upper Elementary students, grades 4-6, the opportunity to explore classes and interests beyond the core curriculum. Offerings vary by trimester but include classes such as performing arts, creative writing, debate, homesteading, and student leadership.
  • Technology is incorporated into every aspect of our core curriculum with an individual laptop program for 2nd-6th grade students.

“My children have been so nurtured and really KNOWN as individuals at Ascension Lutheran School. I truly believe that it was a gift that we have been able to give them: to learn and grow as students in a loving, caring place that values faith, as well as challenging, experiential learning in ways that they will actually remember down the road. They are not just studying to pass tests, what they learn actually becomes a part of them. They come out of this atmosphere confident, creative and eager to step into the next chapter of their life. I can’t imagine a better place for my three children and am so blessed that they were able to be here through their growing years.”

– Sherith, Parent of three alumni

“I felt well equipped to go to a big public school after going to Ascension. After being at ascension for so long their core values were deeply rooted in me. I went to TOHS being kind to everyone, and that really helped me make friends. I was also really prepared, academically, for the new school. Ascension helped me and prepared me well for the next step of my life.”

-Silje, class of 2017

“Ascension prepared me for high school by not only teaching me important academic lessons but important life lessons as well. While I learned how to properly manage my time and how to study correctly, I also learned how to love people like Jesus did and how to be compassionate to those around me. Without Ascension and their caring teachers (who are like family to me), I would not be the person I am today.”

– Sarah, Class of 2016

“Ascension gave me a sense of family. I grew up with some students since I was in Preschool, and I am still friends with many today. I consider the friends I made at Ascension as Family more than friends. Ascension, while small in size, is big in heart, and I wouldn’t trade those years for anything else.

– Michael, Class of 2015

“Ascension was a great environment to grow up in. I spent 8 years learning, growing, & becoming closer with my classmates and teachers. I think since it was such a safe/trustworthy environment to grow up in the transition to public high school was a bit hard. Once school began, I made plenty of friends using the skills Ascension has taught me. Ascension also taught me tips and tricks to help me get through my classes. I can honestly say that Ascension thoroughly prepared me for high school.”

– Angelina, Class of 2015

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Upper Elementary Age Students Thrive in a TK-6 Environment: recent research supports what we observe to be true here at Ascension everyday – Upper Elementary students feel safer, experience less bullying, less fighting and a greater sense of belonging on a TK-6 campus. 

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