2nd Grade

Adventures in Learning

In 2nd grade, Ms. Rouse creates a safe, warm, comfortable environment for learning where students can discover, gain knowledge, grow, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. Students in 2nd grade learn to recognize that God made each of us different and special in our own way and each of us can contribute to the learning community. The 2nd-grade class has lots of fun together, whether they are singing songs, doing the Phonics Dance, acting out skits, writing informational books, building mathematical models, or conducting science experiments!

Highlights of the 2nd-grade-year include:

  • IMG_5746Students go on an adventure as they dive into their core literature unit, Dinosaurs Before Dark! The unit culminates with constructing creative dioramas and story element foldables!
  • A love of literature is fostered, as students get to check out two library books every week!
  • Second graders polish printing skills and then get to learn cursive! They also love Writers’ Workshop!
  • In 2nd grade, students learn all about people who have made a difference like Martin Luther King, Jr. Students love to make their own “I Have a Dream” mobiles!

Key Learning Objectives of 2nd Grade:

  • IMG_8854Handwriting: polishing printing and getting an introduction to cursive writing
  • Phonics: mastering long and short vowels, consonant clusters, digraphs, diphthongs, and more!
  • English: writing with complete sentence structure, paragraphs, personal narratives, informational books, and persuasive pieces, as well as nouns, verbs, and adjectives
  • Spelling: mastering weekly word lists and improving the spelling in our writing
  • Reading: improving our reading skills by reading fiction and nonfiction with the whole group, small groups, partner groups, and reading to self
  • Math: solving three-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, graphs, money, time, measurement, fractions, multiplication, and more!
  • Science: learning about the nature of science, technology and tools, plant and animal habitats and life cycles, Earth’s materials, weather, and matter
  • Social Studies: learning about being members of different groups, where we live, how we all work together, being a good citizen, people who’ve made history, people who’ve made a difference, and more!
  • Religion: Each week students have a learn-by-heart Bible verse and Bible lessons are provided in class and re-enforced through chapel. We also focus on Biblically based character traits throughout the year to instill lifelong habits of servant leadership.
  • In addition to core academic subjects, 2nd-grade students at Ascension continue to benefit from specialties such as Spanish and music class two times per week, Art-Trek, technology, and learning in the Organic Teaching Garden.