3rd Grade

Each Unique Learner is Honored and Supported

In 3rd grade, class community is emphasized. Students feel proud learning and developing alongside their 3rd-grade peers and nurtured in Ascension’s family-like environment. 3rd grade is fun and engaging because learning is differentiated with the unique gifts of each learner in mind. Also, learning is reinforced with technology and real life hands-on experiences. 3rd-grade students will always remember feeling valued and important. “I love teaching 3rd grade at Ascension because my students come to me with a wonderful knowledge base and thirst for learning,” said Mrs. Rowlands. “This makes our classroom an exciting and engaging place to be.”

Highlights of 3rd Grade

  • Differentiated approach to academic development
  • A learning environment intentionally set up to honor and nurture each individual student.
  • An engaging active classroom.

Key Learning Objectives of 3rd Grade

  • Master multiplication and division facts and apply this knowledge to more complex math problems.
  • Understand the roles of local and national government and feel pride as a citizen.
  • Read and comprehend literature and authentic texts above grade level using a variety of strategies.
  • Develop habits of a reading life.
  • Understand new science concepts as a result of hands-on explorations, exciting curriculum, and critical analysis.
  • Be able to independently author interesting, well developed writing pieces in a variety of genres.

In addition to developing in core academic subjects, 3rd-grade students at Ascension continue to benefit from specialties such as Spanish and music class two times per week, Art-Trek, technology, and learning in the Organic Teaching Garden.

“My daughter loved her 3rd-grade year at Ascension Lutheran School. Mrs. Rowland’s charming exuberance and delight for education inspire her 3rd-grade class to feel connected to and enthusiastic about the learning process. They are having fun and are fully engaged all while her teaching style and instruction build them into confident and knowledgeable students. She has the amazing ability to recognize and appreciate each child’s personality and individual strengths while uniting them together as a team for project-based learning. Mrs. Rowlands provides the perfect fit for this grade level with nurturing, faith-based instruction bridging the gap to core academics such as reading and analyzing novels, mastering the multiplication tables with an introduction to fractions, and recognition of civic structures and differing societies.”

– Tish, Parent