It All Flows to the Oceans

Recently, Ascension Middle School students had the opportunity to stay after school and view an educational documentary called A Plastic Ocean. The film gave a wonderful visual of the impact of the use of plastics on our environment and ultimately upon ourselves. Subsequently, students have been giving more thought to the consequences of our global, disposable lifestyle and how we can each work to change things for the better. Student Council sponsored a $1 dress day where students could wear blue and green clothing to school, instead of uniforms, and choose to donate $1 to Take 3 For the Sea – a group out of Australia who works on removing plastics from the world’s ocean. In Science class, middle school students have continued to examine the consequences of plastic pollution to themselves, their community, and human health. 6th graders were challenged to save plastic water bottles and create something that can be useful. The group of students pictured created a functioning recycle bin out of their water bottles! They have also written essays explaining how the pollution humans create flows to the ocean and impacts life cycles. It is exciting to see our students grow in knowledge and compassion, and then begin to take action, to help address an issue to ensure a better future.