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Our preschool program offers a loving, safe, and structured environment for children, ages 2-5 years, to discover their God-given talents. Knowing that virtually every aspect of the development of the human brain is shaped by experience, we embrace active learning and honor our students’ sense of wonder through an emergent science-based curriculum that ensures personal growth. Our preschool prepares students for a successful transition to kindergarten. We partner closesly with our day school campus which offers a wonderful transitional kindergarten and traditional kindergarten program.

The Nature Explore Program is central to our preschool curriculum to encourage learning across many subject areas. The Outside Classroom is a place where children can connect with nature through science, math, literacy, art, and music. As a certified Nature Explore school, children get to truly comprehend the world around them by physically interacting with it, instead of only learning in a classroom. Children can play with the creek and water pump, grow nutritious vegetables in the garden, and build loose parts into whatever their minds imagine. Outside, children are more open to learning and can make choices for themselves about what to play with, thus exploring their interests and talents. This is play-based learning, but play is the work of the child.

Inside, themed rooms, such as the Meadow Room, Forest Room, and Desert Room, further enable children to connect with nature.  Children begin to learn about the many environments of California and gain a familiarity for the animals that live in each of the different habitats. 

Pam Musburger, the director of the Early Childhood Center, feels a strong connection to the Nature Explore Program. She explains that children can be rushed and over scheduled in our society, not given an opportunity to discover who they are. As a child, Mrs. Musburger recalls spending a lot of time outside, observing the world and figuring out what interested her. Now it is her goal to give that same opportunity to children in their early education so that they can discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents.

In preschool, your children should feel encouraged to explore their personalities and be respected for their choices. Ascension is not only a place for your children to learn but a place for them to experience growth and to love others.

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“I wanted to tell you that we were so spoiled by Ascension! Your school is truly EXCEPTIONAL… We really miss all the teachers at Ascension. Our daughter really just thrived there.”- Catherine, Former ALECC Parent

Our Early Childhood Center is enrolling now for 2020-2021. Please contact the Early Childhood Center directly at (805) 381-9081 to get additional information regarding the next group tour.

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