Organic Teaching Garden

Outdoor Classroom

The Organic Teaching Garden is an integral part of our school for each and every one of the students. The first garden on campus began at our preschool when the teachers were inspired to connect children with nature. As the preschool garden and outdoor classroom grew, the day school was able to add their abundant garden! All of our students spend time in the garden, and the garden curriculum intersects with core classroom subjects. It is also an important part of our faith life since we see our Creator God alive in the garden.

Our garden encourages the entrepreneurial spirit as well. Every February, each class in grades K-8 plants a variety of tomato seeds and tends to them as they grow. In the spring, students sell these tomato plants to school families, church members, and the local community. Our students can tell you the tricks to save and plant seeds, the tomatoes’ part in U.S. history, the science behind the tomato, and how to transplant the tomato plant into another garden so that it can grow healthy and strong. In the spring of 2016, our students made over $4000 for the garden program by selling their tomato plants!