Homeschool Partnership



Ascension Lutheran School is committed to partnering with homeschool families by offering a flexible and high-value selection of courses that meet your student’s current academic needs in a safe and nurturing Christian community.





Learning Opportunities For Students Ages 11-14

We look forward to partnering with you to create the best possible educational experience for your child! Homeschool Students are invited to enroll in up to four classes. As part of our community, part-time students are expected to adhere to the same guidelines as our resident students including uniforms and dress codes, attendance, grade requirements, and behavioral standards.

Included below is a listing of current class offerings. Please inquire with Admissions regarding electives or other course opportunities for younger children.



Math classes meet five days per week. Placement in a math class is based on prior work and a placement exam. Math 5 and 6 lay a solid foundation, building on the basic mathematical operations and bridging to the algebraic and geometric concepts they will need for the next level. Pre-algebra is offered for students who meet the prerequisites, after which Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra will prepare students for success in high school.


Science classes meet five days per week. Our philosophy is to develop in students a sense of wonder and responsibility as guardians of God’s creation as they study the universe and natural world using an inquiry-based approach. Science placement is based on age/grade level, prior experience, and teacher placement. The typical sequence of classes from 5th-8th grade is Integrated Science, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.


The Spanish curriculum is committed to preparing students to communicate using the Spanish language and to increasing their global awareness. Students are placed in the appropriate class based on age. Our four-year sequential curriculum begins with Intro to Spanish and concludes with Spanish 1, after which students can transition into Spanish 2 in high school.

Music & Performing Arts

Music classes meet two times per week and class placement is based on age and teacher assessment. Students build on skills each year from reading and notating music to applying vocal and instrumental skills in performing. Our higher grade classes prepare students to sight-read accurately, and to apply vocal and instrumental skills to a repertoire of music literature representing various genres, styles, and expression. The music curriculum is based on the Series of Basic Music Theory. Each music class also experiences basic theater games and improvisational skills.

Physical Education

Physical Education class placement is based on age and teacher assessment. Frequency of class varies based on age. The Physical Education curriculum has a scope and sequence based on objectives that are appropriate for all students. It includes a balance of skills, concepts, games, and rhythms designed to enhance the cognitive, motor, affective, and physical fitness development of every student.


All part-time students and their families are invited and encouraged to attend Chapel Service on Wednesdays from 9:15 a.m.—10:15 a.m.

QUESTIONS: Please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Tamara Nowlin ([email protected]), if you would like to schedule a tour, have any questions or would like to apply.