Having a Whale of a Time!

Students at Ascension Lutheran Early Childhood Center (ALECC) and Summer Staycation had the opportunity to explore a 56-foot long blow-up Fin Whale at school on Thursday, July 21. ALECC is a science-based program offering students a hands-on approach to learning. “Standing next to a life-size Fin Whale and exploring the inside brought the learning experience to life for our preschoolers”, said ALECC Director, Pam Musburger.

The creator of the proportionally correct Fin Whale made of plastic painters drop cloth, Raleigh McLemore, is a retired science teacher, a resident of Oakland, CA, and a grandparent of a three-year-old student at Ascension. He has been using the whale to teach students about this massive mammal of the sea for over 17 years. McLemore’s hope is that, “seeing how beautiful the whales are will remind students of how we need to protect our oceans.”

ALECC is a certified Nature Explore school. “Our passion is to connect students to nature in meaningful, educational ways so they will become good stewards of their environment,” said Musburger, “it is our intention that by offering this hands-on experience it will lay a foundation for future learning opportunities about the ocean.”