Growing Leaders Intentionally

At Ascension Lutheran School, our vision is to grow the next generation of bold, compassionate leaders. Today, we are launching a new curriculum designed to intentionally equip students with foundational leadership qualities. The program, Habitudes developed by Tim Elmore, uses images, relatable stories and experiences that resonate with students, helping them to navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

The new leadership curriculum was launched to all students, grades Kindergarten – 8th, today with a kick-off assembly. The event served as a catalyst for students to get excited about the leadership development process. Students were introduced to the concept of Habitudes as they interacted with one another through team-building games and activities.

Through the next 13 weeks, the campus will be going through the first book, Habitudes: The Art of Self Leadership. Each Wednesday, students will be introduced to a new image that represents a character quality such as integrity, emotional security, self-discipline, character, and initiative. Teachers will present the concepts with age-appropriate activities and stories to help students to effectively lead themselves. “At Ascension, we believe that every student has gifts and talents that can be used in a leadership capacity,” remarked Mrs. Jonas, “by beginning with the focus of self-leadership, we will have the foundation to then encourage students to use their gifts as leaders on campus, within the church, and out in the community.”

Mrs. Jonas truly sees Habitudes as a vehicle for developing a shared language that will foster a lasting leadership culture on campus. “My prayer is that the principles taught through Habitudes will permeate the campus and be noticeable in the way our students interact with and treat each other,” said Mrs. Jonas.

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