Founder of Get Kids Internet Safe Speaking at Ascension

As part of our upcoming event, “Made to Thrive: Growing Strong through the Tween Years”, Dr. Tracy Bennett, founder of Get Kids Internet Safe will be speaking at Ascension. Dr. Bennett offers practical suggestions for managing the social pressures of social media. This short video provides an overview of her approach and program:

We invite all parents to come attend this event on February 6, 2018, from 5:00-7:30. In addition to hearing from Dr. Bennett, participants will be able to choose to attend three of the four Ted-Talk style presentations – all full of practical advice for equipping tweens for confidence and success during the formative middle school years. Children grades 4 and up are encouraged to attend the information sessions along with their parents. The event will begin with check-in and a pizza dinner. There is no charge, but a reservation is required.