Elective courses are offered each trimester to give middle school students, grades 5-8, the opportunity to explore classes and interests beyond the core curriculum offerings. Electives take place two days per week at the end of the day. Course offerings will vary each trimester in order to give students exposure to a wider range of subjects throughout the year.

Elective Offerings

Included below are the elective offerings for the 1st Trimester of the 2017/18 school year. Offerings are subject to change based on registration numbers.

PERFORMING ARTS: 5th – 8th Grade

Ascension’s Performing Arts Class is designed to inspire the student who wishes to develop a love and appreciation of the theatre.  Classes are structured to provide the student a basis in theatre skills, to offer a creative outlet, and to produce well-rounded performers.  The goal will be to create and perform in a culminating performance for the Christmas Program.  Students will demonstrate what they have learned and experience the exhilaration of the interaction between actors and audience. 

Students will also learn pantomime and improvisational skills and believability by calling upon their own life experiences.  These experiences encompassed in the performing arts class will enhance other subject areas as well.  Students not only stretch their imaginations; they also gain confidence by freely participating in group discussions and public speaking.  As students learn more about performing skills, they will also   benefit in other academic areas

SET & PROP DESIGN: 5th – 8th Grade

Students will make signs, backdrops, and props as well as organize, repair and design simple costumes for the Christmas program. Patterns will be transferred to fabric sheets which can be painted and prepared for performances. All design signs and props will be made during this class for this year’s Christmas program entitled “All About the Baby”

HOMESTEADING: 5th – 8th Grade      

Fee-Based Elective – Supplies: $30

Do you want to know how to grow and cook your own food?  Would you like to learn how to make strawberry jam?  Would you like to learn how to make soaps from garden herbs like lavender?  Would you like to know how to care for chickens and bunnies and other farm animals?  Did you love reading THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE books?  Homesteading class will be led by Rev. Delkeskamp/Pastor Chamie who spent her summers growing up on her grandparents’ farm in South Dakota and who continues today to have a large garden in her own backyard complete with a plethora of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and chickens.  HOMESTEADING class will meet in the garden most days, but sometimes in the kitchen when we are cooking or canning food from the garden.  Students will learn how to nurture soil, save seeds, grow plants in season, cook them fresh, can them, make teas, make soap, conserve water and care for animals.  This class will incorporate mathematics, life science, history, literature, and religion.


Girls Volleyball practice will begin at 1:30 during the elective period on Fridays.  The elective period ends at 3:00, however; volleyball practice may continue later depending on the coach’s schedule.  The Volleyball Game Schedule will vary depending on the school we play and the availability of gyms.

MARVELOUS MATH: 5th – 7th Grade

Fee-Based Elective – Supplies: $15

Join Mrs. Farrell for the fun and exciting side of math. Hands-on math activities, games, and puzzles are just a few of the activities planned. We’ll also use our math skills in the kitchen! This class is open to 5th and 6th graders.


You will work with Dr. Maliski and the elementary teachers to support teaching and learning using technology. You may help during whole group instruction or run technology learning centers for classroom teachers. Students may also help with trouble shooting problems in a specific classroom. 


Fee-Based Elective – Supplies: $60

This course will cover all aspects of the filmmaking process.  We will break into groups and write our own scenes, and then we will film those scenes.  Students will have the opportunity to perform in the scenes as actors or be behind the camera in various crew positions working on camera operation & lighting.  Once we’ve shot our scenes we will edit the footage, and use iMovie to add credits and a music track.  Our goal will be to have a finished product by the end that everyone can take home.

STUDY HALL: 6th – 8th Grade


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