Continuous Enrollment

Introducing Continuous Enrollment:  TK-6th Grade

From Re-Enrollment to Continuous Enrollment: Set it and Forget It!

Each year, throughout the history of Ascension Lutheran School, approximately 90% of our students re-enroll for the next school year. In an effort to reward such great school loyalty and make things easier for our families, we are pleased to offer Continuous Enrollment for our students at the TK-6 campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Continuous Enrollment and Why Does it Matter?

Ascension Lutheran School rolled out Continuous Enrollment in advance of the 2020-2021 school year. All families are now under a Continuous Enrollment contract which simplifies the process significantly. Rather than requiring a cumbersome annual opt-IN process for all families, we now have an opt-OUT option for those few families who are not planning to continue into the next year. With Continuous Enrollment, you never have to worry about completing forms to tell us you’re coming back again.

What Does the Continuous Enrollment Season Look Like?

Now that all of our families are on the “Continuous Enrollment Contract,” the typical re-enrollment season (February 1 through March 15) will simply be a communication reminder from the school reminding families that might be thinking about leaving our school to notify us by completing the Opt Out Process prior to March 15. If history is any indication, this means that 90+% of Ascension families will have the convenience of doing absolutely nothing!

When Will Student and Technology Fees Be Assessed?

As in previous years, Student and Technology Fees will be charged to your TADS account.  For the 2020-21 academic school year, the non-refundable Student Fee of $450 per student and the non-refundable Technology/Supply Fee of $300 per student will be assessed on March 15. First tuition payments are due on May 1.

What If We Move Out of the Area? 

We understand that situations change unexpectedly, and have built flexibility into the contract to account for this. If you do end up moving more than 20 miles away due to a work or medical reason, the contract is canceled without penalty, except for the forfeiture of the non-refundable student fee. Other requests will be reviewed by the School Board on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the Penalty if I Break This Contract?

The same as it has been in the past. Once you enroll for a school year, you are committing to paying for the entire year’s tuition and fees. We strongly encourage families to purchase the Tuition Refund Insurance Policy that is offered through Dewar.

What if I Opt Out and Later Change My Mind?

We understand that this may happen. Although we cannot guarantee classroom placement in these circumstances, we would gladly welcome your student back, providing there is still space in the class. We do not require returning families in this situation to re-apply if the school years are consecutive. However, you must opt out by March 15, and if you do re-enroll, the Student Fee increases to $750 for returning students after March 15.

What is the Opt Out Process

If your family is in a position in which you need to withdraw or opt out of continuous enrollment for your child(ren) at Ascension Lutheran School, please follow this simple procedure:

  1. Notify the principal. We encourage you to schedule a meeting to discuss any specific issues or concerns. If there are no specific issues or concerns, for example, your family is being relocated, scheduling this meeting is not required.
  2. Complete the Opt Out/Withdrawal Form and turn in to the school office by March 15, 2019
  3. Complete the anonymous survey regarding your experience at Ascension Lutheran School when it is sent to you.