Christmas Marketplace Benefits Gifts of Hope Project!

Ascension’s annual Gifts of Hope project is a shining ight of hope for our neighbors at home and abroad. Our local focus is Lutheran Social Service, which helps men, women and families in need in the Conejo Valley. Globally, we lift up God’s Global Barnyard, part of the ELCA World Hunger appeal, in its efforts against world hunger.

Students are coming together to raise funds to support Gifts of Hope through a Christmas Marketplace. Students, grades 3-8, are encouraged to build their entrepreneurial skills and share their crafting, building and baking expertise by making items at home that they can then bring to school to sell in our Christmas Marketplace on Friday, December 16.  Items will be priced to sell from $1 to $5. The Christmas shop will be open on Friday, December 16, on the church patio between 9:20 and 11:00 AM. Students grades K-8 will all have a designated time to visit the sale. Parents and others are welcome to stop in anytime! All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Gifts of Hope.

See the Attached Flyer for additional details.