Class of 2017 – Grace Wins!

A theme that has been woven throughout our 2016/2017 school year is grace.  At our recent 8th-grade graduation ceremony, students shared how their time at Ascension Lutheran School has taught them about grace. Here are some of their insights:

  • “All the trips I have gone on with my friends have really brought us closer to each other and taught us so much about God’s grace.”
  • “Because of the times that I have been shown forgiveness and grace, I have been motivated to have the same for others.”
  • “Ascension Lutheran School has been such a gift from God to me. I started attending the school in 5th grade and immediately fell in love with the caring community. Unlike my public elementary school, I felt like I had a purpose, I felt loved and appreciated and I finally got the message that people wanted me to be their friend.”
  • “Grace, to me, means unconditional love, unending chances, and forgiveness.”
  • “(Grace is) a 100% gift from God…I believe that Ascension has been my gift from God.”
  • “Grace is loving like Jesus does.”
  • “During my eleven years at Ascension, this community has taught me the meaning of grace, not only how others show God’s grace but equally as important, how to show grace to others.”
  • “What it really comes down to in the end though is that God has a plan for all of us. This is how God portrays His love and grace to us.”
  • “I believe that if you tie grace into the everyday things you don’t normally like, it will give you a different perspective.”

We have been blessed to watch these students grow in grace over the past nine years. They are confident young people who we know will go forth and have a positive impact on their communities as they continue to live in God’s grace and share that grace with others.