Join Us at our 5th Annual High School Fair!

Choosing the Right School for You – Ascension Lutheran School is hosting its 4th annual “High School Fair” on Thursday, October 24, from 7:00-8:00 PM in Founder’s Hall. This is a great opportunity to get information on private, public, and online high schools as you determine which school is the right fit for you! This event is open to our school families, church families, and the community. Come and take advantage of this great opportunity to explore over a dozen high schools in a short time frame!

High Schools in Attendance: Oaks Christian, La Reina, Louisville, Crespi, Chaminade, Vista Del Real Charter, Century Academy School, Newbury Park High School, Thousand Oaks High School, Westlake High School, Villanova Prep, Grace Brethren, La Reina, Saint Bonaventure High School, Hillcrest Christian.

2018-19 School Theme Verse

This year’s theme verse comes to us from James 1:19 and reminds us be “Quick to listen, slow to anger, and slow to speak.” Let us remember these words and take their meaning to heart as we journey through this school year and beyond.

Lessons from the Class of 2018 on How to Live

It was a meaningful graduation ceremony for our 8th-grade class on June 6, as we celebrated the bold, confident, and compassionate leaders that these students have become throughout their years at Ascension. Reverend Chamie Delkeskamp beautifully wove together life lessons extracted from the students’ end of year essays that she shared with all those in attendance as she spoke personally of each graduate. Some of their sage advice is also shared here:

Be Yourself

“If you knew me in kindergarten, you would know that I was the girl that grabbed onto her mom’s leg because I was too scared to go to class… Mrs. Phillips gently guided me off of my mom’s leg, and told me everything was going to be okay.  If she had never done that, I would never have had the courage to go to school and be the person I am today.”

“At Ascension, I can be myself, and, far greater, I can improve myself.”

Study and Learn

“Ascension taught me to always study for subjects frequently and do things in advance.  Kind of ironic considering how late at night this is being written.”

Be Kind

“I have learned to not judge a book by their cover.  You never know what that person is going through at home or at school.  So always love everyone.  Being kind is very important because that’s the only way you can make it through life.”

“My class took care of each other and helped each other get up on their feet by giving over and over again.  My teachers gave time each and every day to teach and get to know their students.  My pastors guided me and others in life obstacles.”

Serve Others

“Ascension has taught me to respect and do service for others.  Our class has always continued to support our community by being kind, generous young leaders in times of celebration and need.”

“My service to God has been the most important part of my time at Ascension.  Because of this, I am very dedicated to being a good person.  My service to God has made me want to be the best leader I can be.”

Love God

“Ascension has taught me so much about God.  Before Ascension, I wasn’t as close with God as I am now.”

“I have learned so much about God’s love at Ascension Lutheran.  I plan to continue to keep that trust in God even if it gets hard and I start questioning my beliefs.  I plan to be kind, compassionate, reverent, humble, friendly, and never let my opinion get above something much more important in high school.”

Go with Confidence into the Future

“Ascension has taught me how to live in my future years when I move on from here.  I have learned so much about how to have a good character in high school.  Ascension has taught me how to always do what is right and love everyone.”

“I will definitely carry God with me throughout my high school years and beyond; Ascension has been a huge part of teaching me that.  As God leads us into the huge world that is waiting for us, I know that I will remember every one of my classmates.”


We will miss this awesome class of students, but we know they will all go from here with confidence into high school and beyond! We look forward to them coming back as alumni to bless future classes of Ascension graduates.

We invite you to schedule a tour to learn more about the Middle School Program at Ascension.


How do your graduates do in the transition to high school?

We are often asked the question – “How do your graduates do in the transition to high school?”. While we have always had the general sense that they transition extremely well academically, socially, and emotionally, we decided to ask our alumni directly for their honest assessment. Included below are the unfiltered responses we received:

“I felt well equipped to go to a big public school after going to Ascension. After being at ascension for so long their core values were deeply rooted in me. I went to TOHS being kind to everyone, and that really helped me make friends. I was also really prepared, academically, for the new school. Ascension helped me and prepared me well for the next step of my life.”

-Silje, class of 2017

“Ascension prepared me for high school by not only teaching me important academic lessons but important life lessons as well. While I learned how to properly manage my time and how to study correctly, I also learned how to love people like Jesus did and how to be compassionate to those around me. Without Ascension and their caring teachers (who are like family to me), I would not be the person I am today.”

– Sarah, Class of 2016

“Ascension gave me a sense of family. I grew up with some students since I was in Preschool, and I am still friends with many today. I consider the friends I made at Ascension as Family more than friends. Ascension, while small in size, is big in heart, and I wouldn’t trade those years for anything else.

– Michael, Class of 2015

“Ascension was a great environment to grow up in. I spent 8 years learning, growing, & becoming closer with my classmates and teachers. I think since it was such a safe/trustworthy environment to grow up in the transition to public high school was a bit hard. Once school began, I made plenty of friends using the skills Ascension has taught me. Ascension also taught me tips and tricks to help me get through my classes. I can honestly say that Ascension thoroughly prepared me for high school.”

– Angelina, Class of 2015

Interested in learning more about Ascension’s Middle School Program? We encourage you to schedule a tour, and attend our upcoming “Made to Thrive: Growing Strong through the Tween Years









Alumni Connections Stay Strong

We love that our alumni stay connected long after graduation! Students from Ascension’s class of 2013 got together recently and enjoyed spending an evening catching up before they graduate from high school.
This Fall, these alumni will be at colleges throughout the nation including UCLA, Boise State, UC Davis, University of Seattle, and Belmont. We’re excited to see how they each will continue to use their gifts and talents to make their community and the world a better place!

Ascension Alumni Return and Share Their Thoughts

Several Ascension alumni (who are now in high school) came to chapel today (October 12), as the local public schools were out of session.  Afterwards, they had breakfast in the church youth room with Pastor Chamie and the new youth director, Addie Behm.  When asked what they appreciated about their Ascension experience or what they missed about Ascension, they said this:

  • “I miss the teachers, the personal and close connection we had with them.”
  • “I appreciate that in religion I learned to talk about my own Christian faith while learning about other religions, too, because it has really helped me have meaningful conversations with all sorts of different people at high school.”
  • “I appreciate that Ascension taught me to reach for a goal and that’s really helped me in high school.”
  • “I miss weekly chapel.”
  • “I miss Washington, D.C…. that we got to have amazing experiences like that.”
  • “I miss the swing set as they don’t have those at high school.”