Beat the Summer Doldrums with these 8 Book Recommendations from Middle School Students

“A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to faraway places without ever leaving your chair.”― Katrina Mayer

“I’m bored!”…. Now that we are a few weeks into summer, this may be the sentiment from your middle school student. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time hit the library and encourage them to embark on new adventures right at home. We asked a panel of experts (our very own middle school students) to share their insights as we compiled this list of recommended reads for students grades 5-8. Check out a few of these titles and keep fostering a love of reading in your children this summer!
    1. Hardy Boys – The Disappearing Floor: “Action-packed, mysterious, full of adventure, a book for a person who loves action and adventure, and the classic Hardy Boys series.” Recommendation by a 6th-grade student.
    2. Out of My Mind: “This heartfelt book shares a story of a girl, Melody, who can’t do anything for herself and then is given a voice. It’s an amazing story about a young girl who maces many struggles.” Recommendation by a 6th-grade student.
    3. Wonder: “A book that teaches not to judge a book by its cover nor a boy by his face. This is a book about a boy named August who is judged by his facial differences.” Recommendation by a 6th-grade student.
    4. Orphan Train: “Molly is a teenage foster girl who has been in and out of juvie before. Vivian, on the other hand, is a rich 92-year-old woman who used to be an orphan. They might seem like different people, but they actually have a lot in common.” Recommendation by a 7th-grade student.
    5. The War that Saved My Life: “This book is a breathtaking and descriptive book. It would be good for people who want to learn more about the Holocaust.”  Recommendation by a 7th-grade student.
    6. Cinder: “Eye-opening, relatable, and creative. Cinder, by Marissa Meyer, proves how easy it is to crush stereotypes, and is a great book for anyone struggling to find who they are and where they belong.” Recommendation by an 8th-grade student.
    7. The Pearl: “They type of reader who would enjoy this book would be someone who likes mysterious books with a shocking ending. This book also includes lots of descriptive and challenging words. This book was a very descriptive, shocking, and interesting book to read.” Recommendation by an 8th-grade student.
    8. Son: “Intense, memorable, entertaining, a book that shows the struggle and determination to find the ones they miss and love – these words show the emotions that a young girl named Claire faces trying to find her only family.” Recommendation by an 8th-grade student.