Ascension Lutheran School Provides a Place to Equip Leaders in the Makerspace

Ascension Lutheran School recently revealed its new makerspace to students grades K-8. Simply put, a makerspace is a place where students can create, invent, wonder and tinker using a variety of tools and supplies.

Third-grade teacher, Kristen Rowlands, spearheaded the development of the makerspace in partnership with committed parent volunteers and with the support of the administration and teaching staff. She began teaching at Ascension three years ago and was quickly amazed by the way the students at Ascension learn in different ways and have a desire to really explore their ideas. “What I have found as an educator is that when curiosity meets up with the right tools and a place just to investigate and create, that is where that authentic learning happens, and that’s the exciting learning community we have at Ascension,” explained Mrs. Rowlands, “with the makerspace we can encourage students to explore their God-given gifts and take their learning to the next level.”

The makerspace is equipped with a myriad of supplies with which students can innovate including: PVC pipes, pulleys, wheels and axels, Legos, and recycled materials such as egg cartons and paper towel rolls. High tech supplies such as laptops equipped with Lego Mindstorm, and Ozobots (miniature robots) provide students with the opportunity to develop their design and code skills. The makerspace is designed and equipped to support the Next Generation Science Standards as students are provided the opportunity to find solutions to problems by using science and engineering processes.

The makerspace is open to students at recess on Fridays and classes are able to sign up for times throughout the week to use the space.