Ascension Alumni Return and Share Their Thoughts

Several Ascension alumni (who are now in high school) came to chapel today (October 12), as the local public schools were out of session.  Afterwards, they had breakfast in the church youth room with Pastor Chamie and the new youth director, Addie Behm.  When asked what they appreciated about their Ascension experience or what they missed about Ascension, they said this:

  • “I miss the teachers, the personal and close connection we had with them.”
  • “I appreciate that in religion I learned to talk about my own Christian faith while learning about other religions, too, because it has really helped me have meaningful conversations with all sorts of different people at high school.”
  • “I appreciate that Ascension taught me to reach for a goal and that’s really helped me in high school.”
  • “I miss weekly chapel.”
  • “I miss Washington, D.C…. that we got to have amazing experiences like that.”
  • “I miss the swing set as they don’t have those at high school.”