6th Graders Helping the Homeless

6th graders gained a greater understanding of the issue of homelessness in our own community as Denise Cortes, from Lutheran Social Services (LSS), shared with them on Wednesday morning.  LSS is an organization that strives to meet human needs with compassion, by providing comprehensive assistance that helps men, women, and families to achieve or sustain independence and become responsible members of the community. Denise, who is the area director of LSS Community Care in Thousand Oaks, engaged the students in a discussion about the extent of homelessness in our community, the root causes of homelessness, and constructive ways to generously help them.

Students then had the opportunity to pack 24 lunches with items they donated. These lunches were distributed to homeless individuals in our community the same day by LSS. Students thoughtfully decorated the lunch bags with encouraging messages and sent the lunches off with blessings and prayers for these people they may never meet.